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Hey everyone!! So.. I have been doing workouts on my steps for years (just ask my sister who I always woke up on Saturday mornings). There are TONS of things you can do on steps, but for this post, I will just focus on a few, specifically targeting the legs and hips. These are just easy things you can do without leaving home that still change up your workout a little bit 🙂 Also, sorry for the cat if you can see him… he is my shadow..

1) Heel Taps. These help to focus on the eccentric control of your quadriceps specifically, while also helping to encourage more ankle range of motion and gluteal stability to realign your pelvis to level as you come back up.

2) Single Leg Heel Raises. This will help to encourage more balance on your stance leg while focusing on your gastroc-soleus complex to assist with push-off during running, walking, etc. Try to not hold on if possible! Allow your heel to sink down past the height of the step and make sure to go slow and controlled as you sink down to focus on the eccentric contraction!!

3) Lunges. These are fairly simple and can be done forward, backwards, or to the side (as seen below). Go up and back down to focus on concentric and eccentric contractions of your quads, inner and outer thighs, and gluteal region. As you get better, feel free to go faster and change this to a more plyometric-style workout!

4) Stair squats. I’m not sure what these are actually called, but they are fun. Please disregard my form, I kind of hurt my ankle a little a few weeks ago so my ankle movement is super poor right now. Try to keep your heels down when you squat (not like me) and make sure you push your glutes back, trying to break at least 90 degrees to really emphasize better form. Try these slow at first so you don’t trip or fall (I have before.. not shown here, haha).

5) Monster Lunges. Again, not sure what to call these, but they look similar to monster walks so I think this is a good name. This will help to work on more of that side to side motion while still emphasizing all of the benefits and functional components of a lunge.

Not shown here: Running  up and down the steps forwards/backwards/sideways – try them all for a little cardio boost that is more entertaining than a plain old run at the gym. Plus, if you have pets that you are dodging, it’s an added bonus 😉

Have a great day everyone! I hope these are helpful and you can try them out soon! 🙂

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

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