Who said shoveling had to be boring?

In honor of my first snow day this year, I decided that shoveling needed to be spiced up a little bit. Therefore, I decided to make this half-serious, half-kidding post. Shout out to my mom for not being super embarrassed and filming this short clip (you’re awesome!) I’m seriously wondering if my neighbors were watching and laughing out their windows. Or questioning if they should move sometime soon… Anyways, this is just a fun little snippet of some things you can do to have a little fun and get a little extra burn during your snow day shoveling extravaganza 😉 Yes, I was being a little goofy, but working out needs to be fun if we want to keep doing it, right!? 🙂

I know I barely shoveled any of that snow in the video, but that’s because we already shoveled it. Trust me, there is more to shovel now 🙁

Then, you need to reward yourself..because you just shoveled your driveway and you are awesome. Just remember dancing is never frowned upon and can be an excellent cardio boost. Don’t hold back, get your groove on and burn some calories! 😉

Oh, and don’t forget that snowball fights are encouraged to help build up your arm strength and to help pay back your friends and siblings for all those embarrassing stories they’ve ever told about you.

In all seriousness, be careful in the snow, everyone! Don’t trip and fall, otherwise you might be going to see a physical therapist soon (and maybe you’ll meet me?) But really, you can get some very life-altering injuries from a slip! Drive safe and be careful!

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