Pregnancy Essentials

Hey Everyone!

I decided to put a running list together of all the things that have helped me get through pregnancy so far. I’m currently 18 weeks and finally have started to feel a little more energized and less nausea — woo! I’m sure the list below will update as I continue on, but for now – here are a few things that I feel like are “essentials” – all on Amazon (for now..until I add more). Hope this helps you during your pregnancy or helps you figure out what to send in a care package to a pregnant friend/family member of yours 😉 I’m sure they would appreciate it!!

Prenatal Gummies – I initially had been taking Vitafusion, but I noticed they had more Vitamin A than I was comfortable with (too much pre-formed Vitamin A can cause toxicity in pregnancy!) I switched to these – they taste great! No Biotin or Iodide, which I didn’t want (as they can cause acne). I have never been able to hold down multi-vitamins, so I have always had to find gummies! These work for me 🙂
Foot Massager – Worth the investment. I enjoy it, Scott enjoys it. I basically couldn’t stop thinking about having my feet rubbed after I got a massage a few weeks ago. I even bought the remote here for when my belly starts getting too big. Totally worth it to put my feet in this after a long day! The high settings can even hurt a little bit at first (which I wanted to make them feel better). Then the next time around, my feet tend to feel better already!
Preggie Pop Drops (PLUS with B6) – Get the ones with the PLUS! They have B6 in them and this seemed to help me more than just the regular ones. Taste amazing too (like jolly ranchers)

Sea Bands for Morning Sickness – Truthfully, I didn’t wear these often because I was still trying to hide that I was pregnant. I’ve heard good things about them from other people! The days I did wear them they may have helped..but again, can’t say for sure as my nausea was up and down!
Tide Free and Gentle Laundry Detergent – Not a necessity, but I chose to switch to a “free” detergent to eliminate the chemicals and the residue it leaves. The residue from normal detergents and dryer sheets actually causes acne! Plus, you should be able to use this when the baby comes 🙂
Free and Clear Shampoo and Conditioner – Same thing as above – not a necessity, but I wanted to eliminate chemicals from my life due to previous liver issues and just the overall idea of wanting a toxin-free life. I like it! No fragrance, but that’s the point.
The Naked Bee Shampoo – This one is all natural AND non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause acne). I know, who would think about a shampoo causing acne, but I bet it does! I rotate this one and the Free and Clear along with my other OGX shampoos on occasion (just depends on the day). I try to use this one as much as possible though!
Maternity Pillow – Everyone should have this, pregnant or not. Best thing ever. That’s all.
HeartRate Monitor – I got this to monitor my heart rate during work and other exercise as I know I have a tendency to push myself. Generally, this isn’t worried about anymore, but again, knowing I may go a little too hard occasionally and I am very active– this was worth it for me.

Compression Socks – I got these before I was pregnant just because I was on my feet all day at work. So far so good!? These are my first compression socks so I can’t say much else about them.

Oh and another essential is a prenatal massage … got one already thanks to the hubs and my SI joint pain (had it before pregnancy on/off so now it was just back even worse..) and it was gone! Of course, if needed, I will go see a pelvic health PT, but I’m hoping to avoid that if necessary (given that I have basic PT knowledge…but def not a pelvic health specialist). Will probably get another down the road as I start to get more sore again (LOL who am I kidding, always sore right now). Highly recommend… husbands and family members take note 😉

I plan on updating this soon with my face wash and makeup that I’ve been using (all toxin-free)– Since many face products can actually be toxic and are not recommended during pregnancy! Stay tuned for that and MORE as I continue along this journey 🙂

Stay tuned!

– Jen


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