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Okay, so obviously since I wrote about all of my pregnancy essentials, I also wanted to write about the things I’ve found truly valuable in my postpartum journey so far. Of course you’re going to get a few things from the hospital, but I’ve discovered that being armed with these goods has made this transition slightly easier.

Dermoplast Spray and Peri Bottle – Provided by the hospital (but here are links in case you need more). The spray is to help control the pain and itching as you heal and the peri bottle is very essential to keep everything clean down there because you’re not going to want to wipe anything – ha!

Tushy bidet – This is just something extra I got for myself because I enjoyed having a bidet when we lived in Japan. It has been so nice for postpartum, but it’s not necessary. Just something extra I invested in for myself! This is the link to the Amazon one – but sometimes they are running deals on their website too, so make sure to check that out here!

Squatty Potty – I don’t have one of these, but I try to mimic the correct position. Those first few poops postpartum are not fun. Getting yourself in the correct position to poop can make all the difference – it’s not a bad idea to invest in one (I still might just for life).

Granny panties – Towards the end of pregnancy, I bought a pack of Hanes granny panties because I knew I’d need them after.. plus in case there was any leakage or water breaking during pregnancy – I wouldn’t worry about ruining a good pair. I also stocked up on the mesh panties as much as I could at the hospital though!

Pads – Whatever brand you want – just get maxi pads! I used a few different brands because I wanted to try a few others as well as reusable ones. Surprisingly, as weird as it sounds using reusable/washable pads, I really like them. It feels so much more comfortable wearing them compared to a normal pad. That being said, I only started using them once the leakage slowed down because I don’t know that they can absorb that much (they do have overnight ones available – I just have the period starter kit ones though).
1) Always maxi pads – typical brand
2) HighOh Reusable Pads – reusable pads
3) Dollar Maxi Pad Club – No toxins here aka known to help reduce cramping! I’m going to start buying these. They also have a whole postpartum kit 🙂

Lactation tea – Not sure if this was needed, but I figured I wanted to have whatever I could to keep my milk supply up! Tastes like licorice, so definitely not my favorite, but it is what it is. It’s a nice warm evening drink. I only have it every few days or so.

Bodyarmor Drinks – I was told these help boost your milk supply so I’ve been drinking about one a day, maybe a little less. I sip it slowly throughout the day in addition to a lot of water – hydration is key!

Bamboobies and disposable nursing pads – So far I’ve only used the reusable ones, but I think it’s smart to have some disposable ones on hand too (I’m thinking for when I start working out and don’t want gross sweat just sitting there for awhile). Trust me, you’ll be leaking and you’ll need them.

Prenatals – I keep taking my prenatal so I get my vitamins and they continue to go to my baby. Nobody told me this specifically but I’ve heard it from other people and I figured it can’t be a bad idea.

Hands free pumping bra –  This has been super helpful so I can still do something while pumping! Like typing this blog 😉 There are a bunch of different kinds but I just got the medela one.

Lanolin – I use this directly on my nipples but also my midwife suggested I use it on the breast pump when I begin since it’s a different feeling and the friction can be uncomfortable! This is the other brand that I got directly from the hospital.

Nursing bras/clothes – I got some from PatPat but it’s not the best quality. I really like the clothes I got from H&M’s maternity/nursing line as well as just a basic nursing sleep bra here. I also got a dwell & slumber gown which is super comfy – I wore it during pregnancy and now I am wearing it as well 🙂 I also got a sports bra from Senita athletics which I like as well! It’s just way more convenient to be able to unclip things instead of take your whole shirt off.

Eye cream/masks – Because you’re going to be tired. I use this eye cream and these eye masks from 100 percent pure — all natural and non-pore clogging.

Premade meals – This was super helpful for my husband and I. We pre-made 8 crockpot meals which we froze about a month before my due date. They were very easy to throw in the crockpot plus they’re healthy! The ones we made were tailored to Trader Joe’s since that’s where we shop, but there are ones for Costco and other stores as well from the Family Freezer!

Paper plates and utensils – We didn’t use these too much, but it’s definitely helpful to not have a bunch of dishes if you can help it. You’re going to be tired and not want to wash anything, so- it’s not a bad investment (I know, not great for the environment – maybe there are some biodegradable ones somewhere?)

Boppy – This is needed. Not only do I use it to support my daughter and help improve my posture (because my neck and back do start hurting after breastfeeding all day), I also sat on it for the first week to help decrease my pain down there-if ya know what I mean. Plus once your baby grows, you can use it for supported sitting, tummy time, etc.

Dry shampoo – For the days you don’t get to shower. I don’t have a specific brand I like of this, so feel free to share what your favorite is!

Hand sanitizer – We have a ton of hand sanitizer around the house as well as in our cars, purses, etc. I like babyganics just because I can rub it on my daughter’s hands too (for when she puts her hands in her mouth), but we also have travel ones of your basic purel and germex. Babies don’t have developed immune systems until they’re 2 months old so they’re very vulnerable to sickness. Maybe it’s because I’m a new mom, or because I’ve seen so much working in hospitals, but I’d advise to get a bunch – makes it easy for people to keep themselves clean before touching your baby.

Native soap– Free of parabens, aluminum, and sulfates. I decided since my baby would be snuggling with me a lot, I should switch to something a little more less toxic. I already use their deodorant, but I really like this body wash too!

Healthy snacks – You’re going to want to have snacks all over for when you’re breastfeeding. You’re going to be up in the middle of the night, sleep deprived, and well- you’re feeding another human so you need to make sure you have food in you. Obviously, try to opt for the healthier snacks instead of the crappy things – whatever you eat, your baby eats!

Non-toxic cleaners – I went with Branch Basics (they have a trial pack!) – there’s no fragrance and it’s all non-toxic! So far we really love it. Plus, you can use the same concentrate for laundry, hand soap, multi-purpose, etc.

Sleep- HA 😉 this one will come soon enough! I’ve never been so thankful for a 2 hour nap.

I hope this helps some of you figure out what may be beneficial for you after birth!! Feel free to message me, comment, or ask if you have any other questions/concerns!

– Jen

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