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I started having contractions around 12 at 41 weeks. They gradually progressed to every 5 minutes by 4 pm. I was also scheduled for an induction the same day (which I really didn’t want to do). I called and asked if I could come in after I labored at home for a little and they agreed. We arrived at the hospital around 730, where we were greeted by 2 nurses- one of which was the night nurse when I gave birth to my daughter back in San Diego (she was amazing!)- that military life 😆.

They checked my cervix around 815 and it was 4 cm, 70% effaced! Because I arrived and immediately discussed my birth plan of not receiving an epidural and ideally not pushing on my back (I swear this contributed to my daughter getting stuck).. they switched me to the midwife instead of having the OB deliver. When she walked in, my husband said, “I’m getting good energy from her.” 😆 which is not something he normally says, haha. But it was true- I felt comfortable, too. She had previously worked in birthing centers and just was exactly the kind of person I wanted to help deliver my son. 😊

While I probably could have asked to not have any, they ended up hooking me up to a “whiff” of pitocin around 930-10. By this time, contractions had already picked up and I truthfully didn’t notice a difference with the added 2 units. I kept making sure they weren’t bumping it without me noticing and requested they not go above 4 (I remember it being up to 7 with Kinley and I also remember being in such a trance).

I started having a lot of pressure in the pelvic region. Again, I wanted my water to break on it’s own, but it was apparently very stubborn (and squishy?). I was 8cm and just about 100% effaced when they checked and asked if they should break the bag.. I waited a few more contractions before agreeing. When the midwife broke it, there was some meconium in the fluid, so of course pediatrics had to come in.

The midwife didn’t leave, and for good reason. I think within maybe 10 more contractions (maybe less), Keaton was here! I pushed on my side this time (though the midwife said- “whatever feels best, I’m flexible!”)- Through about 5 contractions of focusing on breathing, pushing with my uterus, relaxing my pelvic floor, and.. let’s be honest-screaming 😆 while gripping Scott for dear life, little Keaton appeared!

While he didn’t have the cone shaped head that Kinley had, thanks to the shorter ring of fire experience, he was taken, suctioned, and had chest PT all before I could hold him. I was definitely a little sad not getting to have skin to skin and breastfeed initially, but instead doing it 3 hours later in the NICU observation area..but I’m thankful for the quick medical care to make sure he was okay! He then joined us in our room about an hour after we got there.

Overall, though I am sad we didn’t have that initial golden hour together, I felt way less traumatized by this birth. I haven’t felt the crippling anxiety I felt after giving birth to my daughter- it truly is a world of difference. I’m not sure fully what to attribute that to, but I’m not complaining! I have such a different outlook this time around, and I can’t wait to watch my kids grow up together!

Did you have a traumatic birth? Something different than what you expected or desired? Did it follow your birth plan? Tell me here or tag me on Instagram as you tell your story.. I would love to hear!!


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