If you give a mom a bag of spinach…

I wanted to share a few blogs on here that help others fully use their foods while meal prepping to both reduce waste and reduce time spent in the kitchen in order to spend more time with your loved ones. 🙂 First up… spinach! Green donuts: I use a recipe from a Feeding Littles originalContinue reading “If you give a mom a bag of spinach…”

Transitioning to clean, sustainable living

If you haven’t heard my weird liver story yet, let me summarize it for you. Once upon a time, I had one single beer at a concert a few years ago and got so sick. I thought nothing of it, maybe it was food poisoning? A month later, the same thing happened with one singleContinue reading “Transitioning to clean, sustainable living”

how to get shit done while contact napping (toddler+baby edition)

Okay so we’re back with our contact naps! I’m writing this just on the cusp of my baby turning 6 months old with a toddler just over 2.5! And guess what? I’ve done 99% of naps with the baby in a carrier.. it just works for us! I mean, would it be nice sometimes toContinue reading “how to get shit done while contact napping (toddler+baby edition)”

My Experience with Lactation Lab

If you have tuned into my recent posts, you may have seen that I recently tested my breast milk with the standard breast milk kit from Lactation Lab! Overall, it was a very easy and smooth experience, which I felt like made everything even better – especially trying to collect and transfer breast milk withContinue reading “My Experience with Lactation Lab”

How to get shit done while contact napping

I know you’ve heard it.. you get “you time” and time to get things done while the baby sleeps. This is why you’re supposed to be able to put them down, right? Drowsy but awake, of course that works for every baby… HA! One of my favorite pieces of advice is, “don’t do anything whileContinue reading “How to get shit done while contact napping”

Travel, Routines, and Your Child

Planning your next adventure can be SO much fun and EEK! a bit stressful, especially if it’s your first trip with a new child! Vacations might look a little different than what you’re used to, but you can still enjoy your time away from home! As someone who has now traveled via Campervan with aContinue reading “Travel, Routines, and Your Child”