Back to Work Transition

So.. you’re a mom of a new baby. Maybe this is your first child, maybe this is your third.. the back to work transition is always daunting but never a fully “easy” one as you are left with so many choices! Note: There may be a small commission associated with links you click! This isContinue reading “Back to Work Transition”

Travel, Routines, and Your Child

Planning your next adventure can be SO much fun and EEK! a bit stressful, especially if it’s your first trip with a new child! Vacations might look a little different than what you’re used to, but you can still enjoy your time away from home! As someone who has now traveled via Campervan with aContinue reading “Travel, Routines, and Your Child”

Is It Time To Night Wean?

Many parents stress about night weaning as they realize it may be the only way they can “officially” sleep through the night. Unfortunately, I see many families rush into this too soon, not understanding that there are many other foundational day to day things that can be addressed before night weaning begins. I personally don’tContinue reading “Is It Time To Night Wean?”

Normal Infant Sleep

Dear mama, I know you’re tired. I know you’re worried about your baby developing properly. I know you would do anything and everything you could to make sure your child succeeds. You’ve read all about drowsy but awake, all about linking sleep cycles, and all about sleeping through the night. You’ve read that you needContinue reading “Normal Infant Sleep”

Leave Your Shoes, Take Everything Else: Cartagena, Colombia

Well it had been awhile since I traveled outside of the country (almost a year!) and I was certainly getting antsy for an adventure.. so off to Colombia we went! People keep asking me – why Colombia? Honestly, Scott and I never really had a “honeymoon” so I wanted to go somewhere warm, but IContinue reading “Leave Your Shoes, Take Everything Else: Cartagena, Colombia”