The Struggles of Being a Small Physical Therapist

No, this isn’t Elite Daily or Buzzfeed. I’m not going to tell you the 37 reasons why being a physical therapist is “THE BEST” while using completely opinionated rationales. This blog post, however, is based off of my opinion as well as from my not-very-extensive-but-still-valid experience of how being a smaller person has affected how I treat patients,Continue reading “The Struggles of Being a Small Physical Therapist”

Dynamic Stretching: Part 3 – Your right to stretch arms

Long time, no post! So here is the final part to my dynamic stretching trilogy – stretching out and warming up your arms! I feel like arms can be overlooked pre-workout. It seems like people always just stretch out their quads and hamstrings (myself included) and then go! That being said, there also isn’t as muchContinue reading “Dynamic Stretching: Part 3 – Your right to stretch arms”

How to Embarrass Your Friends (and Yourself) at the Airport

A few months ago I had the honor of traveling to Indianapolis from the east coast to present a poster with a few of my classmates on Tai Chi. Needless to say, I had not been in an airport in a long time (a few years at least). From what I saw, there was a decentContinue reading “How to Embarrass Your Friends (and Yourself) at the Airport”

Dynamic Stretching Part 2: For your luscious sore legs

As stated before, here are a few dynamic stretches and the demonstration for them. I will start off mainly with the lower body and the next post will be more with the upper body. As I discussed previously, the dynamic warm up should be task specific. For example, if you are warming up for yourContinue reading “Dynamic Stretching Part 2: For your luscious sore legs”

Who said shoveling had to be boring?

In honor of my first snow day this year, I decided that shoveling needed to be spiced up a little bit. Therefore, I decided to make this half-serious, half-kidding post. Shout out to my mom for not being super embarrassed and filming this short clip (you’re awesome!) I’m seriously wondering if my neighbors were watching andContinue reading “Who said shoveling had to be boring?”

Dynamic Stretching: Part 1… “The Basics”

If you’re like me, you’ve been doing dynamic stretches practically forever. I grew up always performing “high-knees,” “butt kicks,” and “toy soldiers” before every practice and game. Of course, in college I actually had an idea of what I was doing, compared to when I was younger, but nobody ever told me why I wasContinue reading “Dynamic Stretching: Part 1… “The Basics””

Let me see you 1, 2 step

Hey everyone!! So.. I have been doing workouts on my steps for years (just ask my sister who I always woke up on Saturday mornings). There are TONS of things you can do on steps, but for this post, I will just focus on a few, specifically targeting the legs and hips. These are justContinue reading “Let me see you 1, 2 step”

Give me liberty or give me death! Or just give me food.

I’m sure you have all heard that exercise is not as effective without proper nutrition. I mean, think about it.. If you spend x amount of time working out and then get home only to find yourself eating a bunch of cookies, you are fighting a continuous battle against yourself! Recently I had a discussion with a fewContinue reading “Give me liberty or give me death! Or just give me food.”