Brands I Love

Protein and Food Amazing-ness


-Complete Cookies. They’re Vegan and delicious. Even though I try to only eat one half of the cookie each time… I always end up eating the whole (haha oops). My favorites are Birthday Cake and Double Chocolate; but honestly, I haven’t had a bad one yet 😀


Clothing/Athletic/Yoga Brands


I have a Manduka yoga mat- which I love! 🙂


Sashka bracelets are made in Nepal and help support fair trade and women in poverty. I have a few and love them – awesome little gifts supporting a great community. There is almost always a sale, but if for some reason there isn’t – you can use code “X3JENNYFUR” for 25% off plus free shipping 🙂

mandala-tapestry  Bohemian Pants for Mandala Tapestries and Pants – code “x3jennyfur10” gets 10% off! I have a tapestry and 2 pairs of pants from them. I HIGHLY recommend the pants for traveling – I swear they’re so comfy. You can see me wearing them in some of my Thailand pics 🙂

Gaiam.Yoga Banner

I have my yoga bag from GAIAM and love it 🙂

Travel Companies

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