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These are my GO TO recipes to use up a can of pumpkin. Normally I can do 2 of the recipes below at a time with 1 can …plus some leftover! It just depends on how big of a batch I make.

Basically every time I make something, I freeze SOME portion of it, even if it’s just 1-2 things. I generally make these on “easier weeks” so I have more time to clean up and such- then I’ll have those freezer portions when I’m having a not-so-easy week. I also map out my freezer meals in 3 month portions and make sure to use everything up in that time before I start a new batch of freezer meals… hopefully that makes sense, ha! I have a few stasher bags (which I love, but they are the more pricey option) as well as a few of these reusable freezer bags. I also recently purchased some covered ice cube trays to freeze extra bone broth or purées that I make.

Pumpkin oatmeal muffins – yummy. I actually love these for myself – ha! They’re not really sweet, but if you add chocolate chips, it’s just enough sweetness and they taste delicious warmed up (as long as you’re not expecting a sugary muffin). Both of my kids also like them!

Pumpkin pancakes – These are my go to pancakes for babies and toddlers simply because there are few ingredients and no flour (it just seems to back my kids up if they eat too much). They’re just so easy and they freeze well!

Pumpkin donuts/muffins– This is an old feeding littles/Inspiralized cookbook recipe. I kind of just have this recipe memorized at this point because I make it every few weeks.. this isn’t the exact donut recipe (because it says muffins, ha!) but I believe it is super similar and you can put this batter in a muffin or a donut mold to bake! I have never frozen these but I’m sure you could!

Pumpkin chili– Even if you’re not following a full pumpkin chili recipe like this one, you can just add a little bit of pumpkin to your chili to make the flavor a little less spicy and add some extra nutrients! It simply has a less tomato-y flavor!

Pumpkin smoothies – I like to make these more creamy and warm – any mixture of pumpkin and cinnamon is generally a win for me! I will also add banana because the flavors just seem to “go” for me. If you want sweeteners, maple syrup, honey, and dates are easy additions too! Oh, and don’t forget some sort of seed for an extra boost..raw pumpkin seeds are perfect!!

Pumpkin chia snacking loaf: This is from the Feeding Littles cookbook– which I highly recommend- but I did find a similar recipe online that you can refer to! This one uses a whole can of pumpkin, so if you have one that might expire soon- ta da! It is a bit dense and definitely not super sweet unless you add chocolate chips (which are delicious), but I would imagine any sort of topping, as simple as some melted butter, would make this even more dreamy!

I know pumpkin season is generally in the fall, but I STOCKED UP on canned pumpkin after the holiday season when it went on sale (literally .50-.99 a can). I like to throw it in my rotation of foods so I have a mix of extra nutrients in whatever I’m cooking!

I hope this helps you use up your can of pumpkin and limit your food waste all while providing nutrient dense food for your family!


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