Baby-Led Sleep

Dr. Jennifer Palmer is a mom of one, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and is a Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Specialist, certified through Isla-Grace Sleep.

The following are things she offers:


Sleep Education Consult $200
This consult includes a thorough intake and analysis, a 60-90 minute call to review the analysis as well as offer sleep education and tips, a follow up email with notes from the call (video or phone per your preference), a one week follow up to check in and close service.

Email Consult $100
This consult includes a mini intake and analysis, a follow up, in-depth email from submission of the intake (ideally within 72 hours), 1 additional follow up email for clarification, 1 follow up email one week after clarification email to check in and close service.

Brief Email Consult $50
This consult consists of up to 5 questions submitted from you, ideally suited for a small sleep issue or validation of your concerns with appropriate referrals given as needed.

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Virtual Courses:

Working Mom Mini E-Course: $20. This brief mini course will touch on preparing mentally and physically for working outside of the home, considerations for pumping at your workplace, how to choose the right daycare and what to consider, tips to help with maintaining a secure attachment and fostering new relationships, and how you can assist with sleep interruptions during this new transition. This course is ideal for a mother who is transitioning from exclusively breastfeeding to pumping at work while breastfeeding and pumping at home. This is best suited for infants up to age 1. You will have access for 4 months from the date of purchase. Taxes and fees included in price. Video and written information provided in addition to extra links to further assist with understanding. Information

A Family Approach to Sleep and Postpartum Well-Being: Thriving Postpartum. PRESALE through 2/13: $100 (or 4 payments of $25) with group chat available with others taking the course. After 2/13, course will increase to $175 (or 5 payments of $30, 1 payment of $25). You will have access to this course for 6 months. This is a breastfeeding-friendly course. This course will address: normal biological infant development and sleep, adult sleep, baby sleep regressions/progressions, common sleep interruptions, sleep environment, establishing routines for you and your baby, a basic understanding of attachment, red flags and when to seek referral sources for your baby as well as for your own postpartum health, and more. Ideal for expecting moms and babies 0-12 months old, though there are great benefits and plenty of information for those beyond 12 months as well.

NICU Basics: Understanding what to expect in the NICU as well as how this time may affect baby sleep, normal baby development and sleep, birth trauma to the mother and the baby, and more.

Adaptive Parenting 101: coming late 2021

Parenting With Disabilities, a Clinician’s Insight: coming late 2021

EXTRAS for purchase:

After purchase of a consult or course, you will be able to purchase additional follow-up help, if desired, for the below prices:

$50/30 minutes of video support or $100/hr (can purchase in 30 minute increments)
An additional 1 week of email support (1 email/day) = $45
Additional email support (2 total emails with questions/clarification) =$15
With purchase of one course, receive one brief email follow up (5 questions) for a discount – please email for this price.

What they’re saying, “I was fortunate enough to win a mini consult with Jenn and right from the start I was super impressed and pleased with how thorough this process is! The intake form was super detailed and really made me explore a lot of variables that I didn’t even consider could be factoring into my babies (and my own) sleep issues. During the actual consult, Jenn exceeded expectations by digging deeper into each response and really made sure I understood the context of each subject. She not only took the time to explain everything in great detail AND supplied me with an abundant amount of resources, websites, PDFs, etc but she made everything so relatable and personalized to my daughter and I’s sleep needs! I now have such a better understanding on sleep expectations and goals as well as SO many useful and helpful resources/references that I have shared with others who help care for my daughter. Beyond the mini consult, I’m finding all the posts super informative and helpful to daily situations with my daughter. A lot of subjects I didn’t even realize there resources/ consultations out there for … like SLEEP! And various therapies. To top it off, Jenn genuinely cares about her clients and has followed up and has shown so much unbiased and caring support !! So yes, I highly recommend thesleepdpt! Especially to first time mamas ☺️ so check out her site for all kinds of helpful info”

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