Check out my course “Understanding Pediatric Sleep: How Can We Help as Physical Therapists?”, approved for 2 CEUS for physical therapists in all states HERE on physical therapy . com!

Understanding Pediatric Sleep: How Can We Help as Physical Therapists? — Now you can purchase the course directly on my website for 2 Type 2 CEUS. **If there is enough interest from therapists in one state, I will happily submit for a review to get Type 1 credit, though you are also welcome to do it yourself (it has already been approved through physical therapy . com and has all appropriate objectives, etc. – please reach out if you need help!)

A few 5 star reviews:

“This course provided a whole child approach. It provided information on sleep for typically developing children as well as vulnerable populations. It addressed sleep from infancy through childhood and provided resources for referrals so families can feel heard.” 5 star

“Safe infant sleep is soooo important and I loved that it encouraged that as well as giving so much helpful tips on getting infants and kids to have great restful sleep to help with development because it is so important! Loved it!”

“Learning about the sleep wake cycles in infants was new information to me. Learning about functional impairments that could contribute to sleep disorders was also helpful. I have greater confidence in knowing when to refer out to other professionals as well. It made me want to look into baby-led sleep certification courses.”

“Learned many new ideas on how to assist parents with helping their child sleep better and the biological and developmental reasons wny children wake up in the middle of the night.”

“I learned more information on types of sensory processing and other things relating to sleep and potential difficulties that I hadn’t considered before so overall very helpful.”

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