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“Dr. Palmer’s sleep course goes beyond just explaining the science behind you baby’s sleep, to really help parents understand WHY their child’s behavior is the way that it is, in order to later attempt to remedy any issues, or, to just learn more about your child to be able to help them learn and grow in the best ways possible. Dr. Palmer’s course provided first-hand experience from her knowledge as a doctor, as well as a parent of a toddler herself. The course was set-up in a manner that was easy to navigate and follow. Overall, I would defiantly recommend this course to other parenting friends! Thank you for the great content!”

“I applied the techniques from the course and have seen substantial results in my baby’s sleeping. He is almost 6 months old and previously waking up every 1-2 hours to feed every time, needing to be bounced, fed, and rocked to sleep EVERY TIME. He is now only waking up one time in 11 hours to eat and continues to work on falling asleep independently. Thank you :)”

“Jennifer takes a wholistic approach to sleep and overall child development. Her course leads parents through the foundational concepts of sleep, sleep routines, environments and then how to implement changes that align with a positive attachment parenting approach.”

“Oh my goodness. Where do I begin? First of all, I HIGHLY recommend someone to grab your e-course AND schedule a private consult with you after they complete the sleep course. This would be the ideal situation for parents experiencing sleep troubles with their little ones. You support your clients SO SO SO well and I honestly feel like you have been a HUGE blessing on our sleep journey!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course! It was compassionate, thoughtful, and extremely helpful for a first time mom looking for an attachment based method to support her baby’s sleep. It was informative and really helped relieve me of mom guilt and the pressure to sleep train in a more “traditional” way. I would definitely recommend!”

“I really appreciate the approach of changing the conditions around sleep instead of behavioral change. I hadn’t explicitly thought of it that way and it’s actually empowering because we can’t force a baby to change but we can create conditions to encourage gradual shifts. And also, a lot of your content aligns with the wisdom of my highly experienced doula and less with the hardline baby advice books, which made me more open to your perspective.”

“This course is an amazing, comprehensive resource for understanding normal baby sleep and development and the postpartum experience. All the research based information and resources provided reaffirm my choices to not sleep train and follow gentle parenting practices. I wish I had had this course to guide me before my son was born or when he was a newborn, but it is still extremely helpful and informative with a 7.5 month old. I highly recommend this course for parents and parents to be!”

Infant Sleep Course

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1:1 Consults

This consult includes a thorough intake and analysis upon submission, a video/phone/email analysis, and a one week follow up to check in and close service. Book a discovery call to find out which is right for you!

Mini Courses

Mini courses on naps, night weaning, and transitioning back to work available.

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