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I wanted to share a few blogs on here that help others fully use their foods while meal prepping to both reduce waste and reduce time spent in the kitchen in order to spend more time with your loved ones. 🙂 First up… spinach!

Green donuts: I use a recipe from a Feeding Littles original cookbook but this one from inspiralized is incredibly similar— they also have similar recipes in their new cookbook! I also come to these donuts when I need to make something different for breakfast but only have one banana left…

Green pancakes – 2 ways. I’ve made both the feeding littles pancake recipe as well as one from yummytoddlerhood and here’s the differences I’ve found:

– Yummy Toddlerhood requires more ingredients (including flour) and more steps in the recipe BUT they do taste more like “real” pancakes.

– Feeding Littles only require 4 ingredients and it can all be blended up. They aren’t as fluffy, but they’re my preferred pancake for babies (whereas the ones above are probably more preferred for toddlers and myself!)

Chicken Sweet Potato Hash: I love this recipe (the first one on this pdf) because my kids eat the chicken, there’s only a few ingredients (if any recipe has too many ingredients, I’m out), and I can easily make a few at a time. The hardest part is chopping the sweet potatoes- I can put these together while managing my children, which is a huge success for any recipe. My 3 year old also enjoys helping! And yes, uncooked spinach goes in this! This lady has so many amazing recipes on her website and even sells her own freezer bags which I hope to purchase in the future. For now, I have stasher bags (which I do love for smaller things) and these reusable freezer bags which I use for my freezer meals currently!

Spinach muffins! These are absolutely my new favorite— I’ve made them multiple times now substituting maple syrup for honey and they are so delicious. The key is to use ripe bananas to make them a little sweet! It’s just the right sweetness for me and both of my kids love them!

The rest of my spinach goes in smoothies! I’ve seen some folks also freeze smoothies in ice cube trays– or just partial ingredients to use in the future. I haven’t done this yet with spinach, but it’s absolutely an option! Or just freeze the spinach of course 🙂

May your spinach never go bad!! I hope these recipes help you and your family. Good luck!


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