About Me

Hi! My name is Dr. Jennifer Palmer and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, graduated in May 2015. I also have a BS in Health Science with a minor in Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College in 2013. I am a new mom of a beautiful little girl who changed my whole perspective on life.

This blog is used to express my thoughts and ideas on certain aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. To me, a healthy lifestyle ranges from mental and emotional health to physical health in regards to overall fitness, nutrition, sleep, and rehabilitation. As a physical therapist, I am very passionate about emphasizing a healthy lifestyle and exercising properly in order to decrease the risk of future injuries and/or regain the life you love to live. Diving a little deeper into the physical therapy world, I hope to help further this profession in regards to: PT in the emergency department, “Primary Care PT”, PT in regards to rare genetic disorders, and preventative medicine and education on PT in the community. I have also recently found a new interest in sleep and the impact it has on overall well-being and health of families, athletes, and babies in both development, performance, and daily life.

I am also the Founder of @GlobalPTConnect, a social media platform that helps to connect Physiotherapists around the globe. Be sure to check it out on Instagram and Facebook. And, of course, if you want to participate and take over the Instagram for a week, email globalptconnect@yahoo.com for more information.

Check out my blogs below – ranging from tips on traveling solo to health and fitness tips to other thoughts on life as a physical therapist.

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