About Me

Hi! My name is Dr. Jennifer Palmer and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I have a BS in Health Science with a minor in Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College in 2013, my DPT earned in 2015. I am a new mom of a beautiful little girl who changed my whole perspective on life and has led me on an even more recent journey of becoming a Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Specialist.

My interests as a professional include: primary care PT and direct access, sleep health and its impact on human function, pre and post-natal care for women with a focus on those who have disabilities that may impact their physical function and performance during the transition to parenthood, normal developmental sleep in babies and toddlers and how this is impacted from many external factors (that aren’t sleep). In regards to infant and toddler sleep, I do NOT support cry it out (CIO) or Ferber to assist with sleep. I focus more on attachment parenting.

My interests/hobbies on a personal level include: traveling, photography, hiking, exercise, camping… basically anything outdoors and with my family and friends! We also have 2 cats ­čÖé┬á

I am also the Founder of @GlobalPTConnect, a social media platform that helps to connect Physiotherapists around the globe. Be sure to check it out on Instagram and Facebook. And, of course, if you want to participate and take over the Instagram for a week, email globalptconnect@yahoo.com for more information.

Want to see something on my blog? Curious to know more?

Email me: thesleepdpt@gmail.com (for sleep consultations or questions) or globalptconnect@yahoo.com (for questions regarding GlobalPTConnect).
Personal Instagram: @Jennpalmer19
Professional Instagram: @thesleepdpt
Global PT Connect: @globalPTconnect


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