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If I’m going to be honest, I normally don’t have an issue falling asleep. On the off night that I do, it’s usually because I had a cup of coffee a little too late in the afternoon or my mind is racing with excitement. Once my head hits the pillow, I’m out within minutes.

I have always been one to be able to nap whenever, wherever. I attribute this to a racing mind, one that I can’t stop from constantly thinking and doing. Once I’m tired, I’m tired from all the racing and I can crash right then and there. I am always on the go and have actively been working to slow myself down in recent years.

Using Truvaga the past few weeks has been kind of eye opening. Has it helped me sleep better? Truthfully, I’m not sure (I have 2 little children and the external factors including caring for them day and night kind of prevent me from getting a full night’s sleep anyways- ha!). Has it made me feel more relaxed? Yes, I think so. The coolest thing I have found after using it is that I have this new awareness of my vagus nerve. Maybe that seems kind of crazy to you, but I truly do feel like I can feel my body alerting the parasympathetic nervous system now, telling me -hey, it’s time to rest!

Some things I found kind of cool:

  1. The device is an electrical stimulation unit that targets the Vagus nerve directly. It did confuse me a little at first since you put the gel on it like you would an ultrasound machine, but it uses electrodes and feels similar to a TENS unit.
  2. Each session is 2 minutes long. The recommendation is to use it in the morning and at night but you can use it more often! I think it could be a great tool for someone who experiences panic or anxiety attacks as a means to help calm themselves down without medication.
  3. There is a study that investigated 12 healthy volunteers using the device, you can read it HERE. That being said, more research will be great and necessary as this device gains more popularity (they are working with many different well-known medical communities per their website, including Johns Hopkins, Massachussetts General, and Mayo Clinic!)
  4. It goes right to the source of the vagus nerve instead of having an indirect connection.
  5. There is no app for it – thank goodness because I do not have any more space on my phone for another app, ha!

Overall, I have been really pleased with this product as it was very simple to use after I got the hang of it. It also provided very easy instructions and visuals for me to follow when finding the vagus nerve initially.

Once again the coolest part of using this, from my standpoint, has been gaining an awareness of my vagus nerve and when my parasympathetic nervous system is firing. This is HUGE for me. I have long been able to tell when my body goes into “fight or flight” (activating the sympathetic nervous system), but as someone who has been “go go go” all her life, recognizing when my body needs to “rest and digest” is a true gift and I’m so glad to share this experience with others!

If you are interested in trying Truvaga for yourself, check it out here!

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you don’t mind the cheesy picture with the device!!

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